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Order deadline February 1 for locally owned and operated Crystal Prairie Grass Fed Beefalo

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Looking for a way to cut 80 calories per serving for dinner tonight? Why not delicious BEEFALO! It’s the best kept secret in the beef industry! Tam Gearhart is the Ranch Manager and Operator of Crystal Prairie Ranch in Chickasha . Their USDA Certified Grass Fed Beefalo are fed grass for 100% of their lifetime and can freely choose their meal on our OK pasture. Because of this, Crystal Prairie USDA Certified Grass Fed Beefalo meat is full of flavor.

Everything about Crystal Prairie Beefalo is local – privately owned by Oklahomans, not a conglomerate of farms or owners. Their Beefalo are born and raised in Oklahoma, the customized vitamins and minerals we feed our cows are mixed and sold from an Oklahoma-owned and operated company

Final 2 weeks – February 1 is the deadline for guaranteed order fulfillment this summer – order now to guarantee your place on our schedule.

For nutritional and other information on Beefalo, visit
By Mitch English, Living OK Fox25