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Because our USDA Certified Grass Fed Beefalo are raised on fast disappearing native prairie grassland natural to Oklahoma, our Grass Fed Beefalo beef is available by the live animal (sold by the hanging weight) on a custom order basis only once a year.  This saves you time and money throughout the year and provides your family with wholesome, tender and tasty Grass Fed Beefalo meat year-round right from your own freezer at home.  We collect pre-order reservations until February 1 for guaranteed processing with the butcher from June-August each year; actual date is dependent upon each individual order of Whole, 1/2 Beefalo, or 1/4 BeefaloIf ordering after this date, we will work you into the current season if at all possible.  Please call or email to check our availability. 

Book early for best availability as our supply and processing dates are limited.  All orders are reserved with a non-refundable deposit to establish your processing date and hold your order.

All orders receive a free thank you gift; our exclusive “Grass Fed Beefalo Cookbook” showcasing our favorite recipes and cooking tips from our family to yours making Beefalo an easy convenient staple to add to your menu anytime.

Order individually or gather your friends and family to share in this uniquely raised and highly nutritious red meat.  Save time, money, reduce calories, and add convenience to your meal plan by ordering USDA Certified Grass Fed Beefalo direct from our farm!

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Tips For Selecting Freezer Types & Sizes

Please click on the buying guide link below for a great reference on how to choose a freezer, if you are looking for one, in which to properly store your beefalo meat investment.

Consumer Reports Freezer Buying Guide

The following is an estimate of how large of a freezer you may want to consider:

For the same reasons that hanging weight can vary because each animal will be of a slightly different size, the weight that you take home will vary, but on average our customers will take home enough meat to fill roughly a 5-8 cubic foot freezer for quarter orders, a 8-12 cubic foot freezer for half orders, and a 15-20 cubic foot freezer for whole orders. You will want to consider a larger freezer capacity on any of the above estimates to accommodate the oblong and non-square packaging of custom orders and to fit any additional items inside the freezer with your meat.  For those with limited space, a quarter generally fits in most larger refrigerator freezers with little room left over for other items. If you are considering a freezer purchase, some considerations you may want to keep in mind would be that upright freezers take up less floor space than large chest-type freezers. Also, upright freezers provide easier access to various cuts of meat, reducing the amount of shuffling required to get to what you want in your freezer.