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Beefalo Information

Crystal Prairie, L.L.C., USDA Certified Grass Fed Beefalo are not bison nor are they cows, but a fertile cross between the two that gives a superior quality meat with tender, juicy mild flavor that helps you get dinner on the table faster and is available in all selections that people desire including steaks, ribs, brisket, roasts, and ground meat, plus specialty cuts depending upon preference and processing. The USDA recognizes this meat under its own unique meat label; Beefalo Beef.

Fullblood Beefalo are 3/8 bison and 5/8 bovine of any breed. Our Beefalo are cows naturally infused with bison that provide a juicy and flavorful lower calorie, lower cholesterol, lower fat, and high Omega-3 red meat compared to beef and offer more variety than bison.  Because our Beefalo tend to follow their bison ancestry & are 100% grass fed on Oklahoma native grass prairie, they mature slower and require more time to reach ideal harvest condition.  This increases the cost of raising our Beefalo because ours require up to 3 years to mature compared to the 1.5 years that most grain-fed beef or even grain-fed bison require.  Because we do not compromise our standards, the cost of raising our animals is higher, but our extraordinary Beefalo breed and exclusive USDA Certified Grass Fed practices result in a delicious, lean, low calorie gourmet red meat completely free of grain and artificial growth stimulants in the way nature intended.

“How Does Beefalo Meat Taste?”